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There are several factors that define Mirela’s company philosophy. We create lavish dresses immaculate in detail while further composing each creation to exude first-class fit on the body. In addition, it is our mission to provide our clients with the finest service possible. We aim to produce pristine couture fashion that is faultless from each hand sewn lace appliqué to every intricate beaded detail. We provide our clients with premium quality dresses that are made for comfort and extravagance during celebration. From the bust to the hips, every gown is made uniquely to the wearer’s physique, as each is custom made. While we bring to life an abundance of gowns and export them around the world, there is one factor that remains eminent and that is our high standard for quality fashion.


Mirela is from Romania born into a decent  family of seamstresses. From a young age she has had a strong passion for sewing and designing. This is where her distinct artistic background stems from. As she dived into the design world, it was a gradual evolution. It all started  in Orange County where Mirela launched her business of custom-made ivory lace appliqués. Mirela is designing for brides in Europe and United State. Although her roots are from the art world, she never forgets to combine art and fashion through each of her luxury creations.


My stylistic vision is unique and different in the bridal market. My bridal dresses are flattering and has a distinctive combination of classic style with modern touch and a strong connection to leading fashion trends from the runways of Paris, Milan and New York.


The fabrics and different accessories provide me with infinite inspiration. Therefore every season I scout the market and the different suppliers and create unique fabrics and patterns designed by myself to make my vision a reality; ethnic handmade brocade from Turkey unique lace from France and fabrics rich in details and embroidery from Italy. A special department  team of  embroidery specialist adds texture and additional embroidery to each fabric to make it even more exquisite.


Mirela Iorgoni’s home studio is located in the heart of Orange County, California. The studio is where the magical process of creating the wedding dress takes place. Every bride receives our full attention and devotion and a personal design of her dream wedding dress. After you have a general idea about the dress, you will meet with Mirela Iorgoni, where you will choose together the fabrics, lace and embroidery to you`r liking, creating a unique dress that fulfills all your dreams and desires.


Unique and one-of-a-kind evening gowns and wedding dresses are my true passion. I would like to share this passion with you. In my studio every bride receives our undivided attention and devotion to create an individual design for a bespoke wedding dress. In the process of creating the dress I put an emphasis on quality tailoring, sculpting the body to make it look more feminine and slim and usage of the best fabrics. I also find it most important to give the best possible service to my clients in a familiar and positive atmosphere, realizing that the soon-to-be bride is a full partner in the magical creation of the wedding dress.


For Mirela Iorgoni: a world of Elegance, Inspiration, Innovation and Creation are essential feelings to be turned into style.From a young age Mirela has had a strong passion for sewing and designing , she demonstrated an innate talent for design and fashion. Personal life experiences led her to seek a warm and happy outlet, which she found within the world of art. Mirela's passion for diverse forms of art has encouraged her to master every essential detail and excel, despite having no formal training.  creative and artsy is what i was born with. While growing up and discovering fashion, I realized fashion would be the field where I could bring forth my passion for beauty, my creative talent and my unique stylistic vision Through many years, she developed the desire to turn her artwork into fashion and soon after created her brand.My goal is to design and create  for each bride  the perfect dress to start this incredible new chapter in her life.




Los Angeles, California

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